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Tina Barr

Excerpt from book Green Target

Winner of:

Barrow Street Press Book Prize 

Brockman-Campbell Award

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William C. Burns

Silence is the Proper Prayer in the Museum of Intangible Mechanisms

Andrew K. Clark

Poems from book Jesus in the Trailer:


"Love Sick"

"Monster Man"

Other poems read:

"Paper Dolls"

"So Many Rocks"

"Tree Beard"

Jonathan Haupt_photo by Milton

Jonathan Haupt

Reading Our Prince of Scribes: Writers Remember Pat Conroy


Tally Johnson

Reading from his book Creek Walking

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Lee Lawing

Theatre: Godawful Art

Performed by Neill Hance

Ray McManus

"Where Bullies Come From," "How    to Raise Small Gods," "Undertow," "Black and White Cowboys," and "Empty Church" 

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Darlene O'Dell

The Crossroads

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Laura Platas Scott

Excerpt from Contramarcha: Reverse Gear.

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